Hat-trick Wins

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The luckiest among the lucky takes the prize here! All you need to do is achieve as many hat tricks as possible, i.e., 3 wins in a row.

And, the top 5 hat-trick winners every week win a share of ₹ 25,000 cash prize as follows:

Reward Table for Hat-Trick Offer:

Position No. of Players Reward Value
1 1 ₹ 10,000
2 1 ₹ 7,000
3 1 ₹ 4,000
4 1 ₹ 2,500
5 1 ₹ 1,500
Total 5 ₹ 25,000

Note: Min. Point value for Strikes is Rs. 2 and min. Table value for Pools & Deals is Rs. 100

Promotion period for each week:

Week # Promo period
Week 1 1st - 8th July
Week 2 9th - 16th July
Week 3 17th - 23rd July
Week 4 24th - 31st July

Note: A Player can be a winner for any one category. If a player is found as winner at more than one category, best of all will be chosen.

Management reserves the right to disqualify any player from the winners list at any time if any suspicious activity found and the decision will remain final.


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